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Published: 21 August 2017

This BOS Distributions Pty Ltd (“BOS”) Support Policy (“Policy”) is effective 15th August 2017, and applies on a global basis. It describes the Support Services we provide to customers for Software covered under active License Agreements. We reserve the right to amend this Policy periodically and will post updates at

BOS will deliver Support Services for your Software in accordance with the terms of this Policy, including the section captioned “Limitations” below. We will provide Support Services for Software when they meet the System Requirements for the subscribed product. Note that the provisions and definitions of your License Agreement supersede any inconsistent terms in this Policy or in your Terms of Use. You are entitled to receive Support Services during the term of your License Agreement, based on the product you subscribed, and for Software installed at locations in which you are authorized to use such license in the country or countries for which you have subscribed. Capitalized terms when used in this Policy are defined herein, or in your Support Policy, License Agreement, or Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Language Support: 

We primarily provide Support Services in English. Our worldwide support centers will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide language support during, based on available resources.

Designated Contacts: We will provide Support Services to you through your Designated Contacts. Your License Agreement will state the number of Designated Contacts you are entitled to register and use. If you wish to designate additional technical personnel as Designated Contacts, BOS may charge you applicable fees. Your Designated Contacts will be responsible for (i) overseeing your request for assistance, and (ii) developing and deploying troubleshooting processes within your organization. Your Designated Contacts must be technically skilled and knowledgeable about the Software and the environment in which it is being used, in order to help resolve system issues and to assist BOS in analyzing and resolving service requests; otherwise, our ability to provide Support Services to you may be impaired, and BOS may request that you replace the Designated Contact.

Knowledge Sharing: You may use our on-line management tool under via each user’s login. Our on-line technical support knowledge base accessible via each includes support-related information that you can use to perform self-help.

Case Management Activities: 

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to manage your Case and address your problems. All case management targets are goals and not commitments, and the actual timing may vary based on the subscribed product and the country or site where your Software is deployed. You will be responsible for providing sufficient information to diagnose the problem. If the seriousness of your Problem changes, we will discuss with you. You must provide us with timely responses and any information we may reasonably need to address your Problem. We will take reasonably sufficient steps in several ways to address your Problem. In some cases, we may recommend that we remotely perform diagnostic and troubleshooting activities. To initiate such remote access, we will need your express consent of affiliates, partners, and subcontractors, will use your personal information to enable us to deliver the Support Services you have ordered including providing Software Version Upgrades and Content Updates, as defined in your License Agreement, to you and communicating with you in relation to Support Services. From time to time we may use your personal information or other information you provide to us during the delivery of Support Services to enable us to recommend other BOS services or products that might be useful to you, we will provide you with the opportunity to opt-out from such communications. By providing such personal information, you consent to BOS using, transferring, and processing this information on a global basis for the uses described in this section. For any question regarding the use of personal information or if you wish to restrict our use of your personal information, please contact BOS Distributions Pty Ltd, 57 Tuppen Street, Yarraville VIC Australia

Rights Regarding Feedback:

BOS reserves all rights in all suggestions, input and other information or feedback relating to BOS and its products or services that you provide to us while we are providing Support Services to you, and BOS may use, and may authorize third parties to use, all such information or feedback for any business purposes whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BOS, its affiliates, partners, and subcontractors will only use your confidential information as defined under and pursuant to applicable agreements between you and BOS; and we will only use your personal information in accordance with the section captioned “Privacy Notice and Data Protection” in this Policy.


BOS reserves the right and you consent to our use of subcontractors to provide Support Services.

Your Compliance:

To help us deliver Support Services to you more efficiently and effectively, you need to follow the terms of your agreements with us. If we determine that you are not in compliance with your License Agreement or Terms of Use, or if you have requested assistance for a copy of Software that is not covered under a License Agreement, BOS reserves the right to (1) use BOS standard processes to verify that you are in compliance with your License Agreement or License Agreement, (2) invoice you for applicable Support Services fees, if and as appropriate, or (3) in our sole discretion, elect to stop providing Support Services for that Software license until such time as you become compliant.


BOS provides Support Services to address issues where your Software does not substantially conform to its Documentation, where such Software is used in accordance with its Documentation. Therefore, BOS is not responsible to provide Support Services for Software that has been damaged by a deliberate act, misuse, accident, modification, natural disaster, act of nature, “act of God,” power failure or surge, unsuitable physical or operating environment, improper maintenance by you or others, or failure caused by components or technology that BOS did not supply. In addition, we are not responsible for delay or inability to provide Support Services due to delays you cause or which are caused by network, system, or telephone line problems, or by outages or denials of service or any events outside of BOS reasonable control. BOS is not obligated to provide Support Services for any Software operating in an Alternative Configuration. In the event you have not used, installed, serviced, or implemented all Software in accordance with the documentation, our Support Services may be limited or unavailable for your Software.


a) “We,” “we” or “our” or “BOS” means BOS Distributions Pty Limited, its affiliates, partners, and subcontractors.

b) “You,” “you” or “your” means you as the customer, the company, or the legal entity that has obtained the Software to which the Support Services apply. 

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